Zante vs Magaluf: Which is the best lads holiday destination?

Lads Holiday showdown between Zante vs Magaluf... Find out which destination is best for party holidays.

When it comes to the typical “Lads Holiday”, Magaluf and Zante are among two of the most popular party destinations in Europe.

TLDR; Despite being our number one recommended choice for Lads Holiday virgins – Zante is no match for the notorious Shagaluf. In fact, few places in Europe rival Magaluf when it comes to party holidays.

  • So let the showdown begin: Zante vs Magaluf


Me and my boys lost our lads holiday virginities in Zante Laganas many years ago – it’s the perfect place to ease yourself in to the 18-30 scene.

With crazy events and club nights every day of the season. Expect foam parties, booze cruises, UV-paint-clubbing and lots of nursing your hangover around the pool or at the nearest British-themed sports bar.

Deals to Zante party holidays (from £173 per person)


Known for its drunken Brits and some of the craziest bar crawls on Earth!

Maga is the place boys become men and men become boys.

Most women who come here are up for some filthy fun – there’s a reason it’s dubbed Shagaluf.

Deals to Magaluf party holidays (from £180 per person)


Magaluf has more variety. It wins both the filth and class categories. Zante’s clubs are fun, and like Maga, hosts some great foam and UV parties and all that – but they’re not likely to attract DJ’s such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Tinie Tempah. Maga wins.

Zante 4
Magaluf 6

Magaluf Club Banana's UV Paint Party
Magaluf Club Banana’s UV Paint Party


Zante’s bars are cheap and cheerful but again completely outclassed by Magaluf’s variety.
Maga wins.

Zante 4
Magaluf 6

Magaluf Tokio Joes


Magaluf’s beaches have soft white sands and crystal clear waters. It’s surprising how stunning and clean the beach is when you think of how much filth goes on at night. Banana Beach is Zante’s best, but sadly it’s yellow sands is no match.
Maga wins.

Zante 3
Magaluf 7

Sol Wave House Hotel in Magaluf
Sol Wave House Hotrel in Magaluf


When it comes to watersports, booze cruises, quad bikes, banana boats and bar crawls – they’re both pretty even. What wins this for Maga is is X-Rated Pirates Show. Maga wins.
Zante 4
Magaluf 5

Sol Wave House Hotrel in Magaluf
Sol Wave House Hotrel in Magaluf


Zante is cheaper. There’s no doubt about it. You can bag yourself return flights at a fairly average hotel at both destinations for less that £350 if you book soon – but unless you grab a BCM wristband, you’ll end up spending more in Maga than you will Zante.
Zante Wins.

Zante 8
Magaluf 6

Verdict: Magaluf is the king of European lads holidays. Zante is still great fun though, just in a different league.